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Valoració dels canvis que pateix la uretra durant l’embaràs objectivats per ecografia 2D i la relació d’aquests amb l’aparició d’incontinència d’orina en la gestació 

Carrera Boix, Alícia (Date of defense: 2022-11-04)

Urinary incontinence (UI) is a dysfunction that has a very negative impact on the quality of life of women who suffer from it (low self-esteem, shame, restriction of social contacts, etc.). Different factors involved in ...

Synthesis and applications of large supramolecular nanocapsules: matryoshka-type masks, higher fullerene C84 purification and stabilization of metallic clusters and sub-nanoparticles 

Ubasart Clarà, Ernest (Date of defense: 2022-10-28)

The development of supramolecular assemblies with big cavities is important to recognize specific guests or infer a chemo- or regioselective chemistry, in analogy to natural enzymes. The objective of this thesis was to ...

Effect of Cpt1a deletion in the mediobasal hypothalamus in response to physical activity and aging 

Ibeas Martínez, Kevin (Date of defense: 2022-11-04)

[eng] Food intake and energy homeostasis are tightly regulated by the brain through a complex neuronal network located in the hypothalamus. Within this region, the mediobasal hypothalamus (MBH) acts as an interface between ...

Unveiling the therapeutic potential of THC in endometrial cancer 

Coll Iglesias, Laura (Date of defense: 2022-11-23)

[eng] Endometrial cancer represents the most common cancer arising from the uterine cavity and there is little hope for patients with recurrent or metastatic disease. Prior studies of our group reported autophagy pathway ...

A temporal and pragmatic analysis of gestures-speech association: a corpus-based approach using the novel Multimodal MultiDimensional (M3D) labeling system 

Rohrer, Patrick Louis (Date of defense: 2022-12-16)

Human language is essentially multimodal in that speakers use multiple channels to convey meaning, including speech prosody and gesture (e.g. Mondada, 2016; Perniss, 2018). In the last decades, studies within the field of ...