Departament d'Economia i Empresa

Departament d'Economia i Empresa

La UPF és una universitat pública, internacional i intensiva en recerca que està al nivell de les millors universitats europees. Amb excel•lents indicadors de producció científica com és el cas de les tesis doctorals en accés obert. 

PPC-UPF e-Repositori UPF 

Si sou doctor de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra i voleu publicar la vostra tesi a TDX, contacteu amb Per a més informació consulteu Publicació de tesis a TDX. i les preguntes més freqüents.

Enviaments recents

  • Odendahl, Florens (Data de defensa: 08-10-2018)
    This thesis consists of three chapters on forecasting techniques in economics. In chapter 1, I use copulas to estimate multivariate density forecasts based on univariate densities from survey data. Survey-based predictions ...
  • Daniele, Federica (Data de defensa: 05-11-2018)
    This thesis is composed of three essays in which I analyze how heterogeneity in productivity, either on the worker or on the firm side, interacts with the size of local labor markets and a set of outcomes of interest. In ...
  • Zou, Yimei (Data de defensa: 05-11-2018)
    This thesis explores the macroeconomic implications of endogenous production networks, defined as the collection of input-output linkages in the economy. In the first chapter, I develop a model of international trade to ...
  • Figueiredo, Ana (Data de defensa: 28-09-2018)
    This thesis studies the mechanisms behind talent misallocation, how it varies over the business cycle and its implications for wage cyclicality. The first chapter shows that uncertainty about education returns has an ...
  • Heusch, Niklas (Data de defensa: 28-09-2018)
    This thesis combines three independent articles. In the first chapter, I examine the health care that drug sellers, common medical providers in many developing coun-tries, provide for childhood illness in Ghana, and study ...

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