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Recent Submissions

Effect of temperature on the flexural behavior of NSM CFRP strengthened RC beams under time-dependent loading and fatigue 

Jahani, Younes (Date of defense: 2022-11-11)

There is a general trend towards rehabilitation and strengthening of existing reinforced concrete (RC) structures due to the costs associated with the replacement of the structural members and the environmental impact ...

Valoració dels canvis que pateix la uretra durant l’embaràs objectivats per ecografia 2D i la relació d’aquests amb l’aparició d’incontinència d’orina en la gestació 

Carrera Boix, Alícia (Date of defense: 2022-11-04)

Urinary incontinence (UI) is a dysfunction that has a very negative impact on the quality of life of women who suffer from it (low self-esteem, shame, restriction of social contacts, etc.). Different factors involved in ...

Synthesis and applications of large supramolecular nanocapsules: matryoshka-type masks, higher fullerene C84 purification and stabilization of metallic clusters and sub-nanoparticles 

Ubasart Clarà, Ernest (Date of defense: 2022-10-28)

The development of supramolecular assemblies with big cavities is important to recognize specific guests or infer a chemo- or regioselective chemistry, in analogy to natural enzymes. The objective of this thesis was to ...

Sistemàtica per a l'anàlisi de resultats d'activitats educatives a les institucions museístiques 

Bosch Bonacasa, Josep (Date of defense: 2022-10-14)

Museum education has aspects in common with formal education. The objective of this thesis is to define a system for the design and evaluation of educational activities that allows designers and evaluators to improve the ...

L’impacte social dels museus. El cas de les associacions d’amics dels museus 

Jove Casabella, Eva (Date of defense: 2022-09-23)

This thesis, within the theme of the social impact of museums and public studies, deals with the associations of friends of museums in Catalonia. To analyse them, a search has been carried out using different techniques, ...

Contribución a la comprensión y mejora de los procesos de inyección de resina para la fabricación de componentes aeronáuticos de geometría compleja en composite 

Ariño Palacín, María (Date of defense: 2022-10-30)

To overcome the challenges coming from environmental impacts has been a priority for the aeronautical sector in the past years, with a special focus on reducing CO2 emissions. The fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) are ...

A computational micromechanics investigation of longitudinal strength in unidirectional fibre reinforced composites 

Barzegar, Mostafa (Date of defense: 2022-09-26)

The use of Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) composites has grown in popularity over the last few decades. They offer outstanding mechanical properties combined with a low density, making them an excellent solution for many ...

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) e inventario en consignación como facilitadores de la integración de las empresas de la cadena de suministro del sector farmacéutico 

Amaro Martínez, Francisco (Date of defense: 2022-09-15)

In the literature review carried out on the supply chain in the pharmaceutical sector, it became apparent that the companies (actors) in the different links of the supply chain in this sector are subject to a significant ...

Gestión de la imagen de marca de destinos turísticos maduros usando herramientas online. El caso de la Costa Brava 

Marin, Jaume (Date of defense: 2022-09-16)

The marketing and promotion of tourist destinations have evolved exponentially with the passage of time and use of the internet. This change has generated different attitudes in tourists and altered how they consume ...

El tribunal del jurado como instrumento de participación ciudadana en el sistema penal 

López Anguita, Judit (Date of defense: 2022-09-09)

This thesis represents a first step in the study of the Spanish Jury as a participatory and deliberative institution that has the capacity to democratize punishment. While the first chapter analyses the debate about the ...

Emissions reduction potential by coupling a thermoelectric generator to an exhaust heater in heavy duty vehicles 

Ximinis Tarrés, Joan (Date of defense: 2022-09-07)

First part of this research is focused in validating the Exhaust Gas Heater (EGH) viability in reducing NOx emissions without negative effects in a standard exhaust gas circuit. Experimentation was held using a HDV Euro ...

Vivir a oscuras: la construcción analítica de la exclusión energética como problema de política pública 

Varo Barranco, Anaïs (Date of defense: 2022-09-09)

The research is built around the idea of energy precarity as an "umbrella" concept in which various manifestations linked to difficulties of access to energy can be included. This thesis dissertation analyzes two of these ...

Biomarcadors diagnòstics de disfunció miocàrdica associada a xoc sèptic: avaluació de la troponina T ultrasensible i de la hiperosmolalitat plasmàtica 

Murcia Gubianas, Cristina (Date of defense: 2022-07-14)

La resposta inflamatòria d’un hoste pot ser excessiva o desregulada en relació a la intensitat o la durada d’una agressió. Quan aquesta resposta és secundària a una infecció es coneix com a sèpsia i pot acabar lesionant ...

Development of an environmental decision support system to enhance coagulation in drinking water treatment plants 

Suquet Masó, Jordi (Date of defense: 2022-07-29)

Currently, the access to safe drinking water remains to be crucial for mankind development. Due to the geographical context, changes in demography and climate change perspectives, there are regions where water resources ...

Physiological role of mitochondrial and plasma membrane channels in sperm 

Delgado Bermúdez, Ariadna (Date of defense: 2022-07-28)

The spermatozoon is a highly specialised cell that travels along the female reproductive tract to deliver its genetic information into the oocyte. During this journey, the interaction with the varying environment is crucial ...

Club de valientes violencia 0: contextos upstander en educación infantil y primaria para prevenir el acoso de primer y segundo orden 

Carbonell Sevilla, Sara (Date of defense: 2022-07-22)

This thesis aims to respond to the global problem of bullying and school violence (UNESO, 2019) from a preventive perspective and based on scientific evidence of social impact. The main objective of the thesis is to ...

Chelation-assisted metal-catalyzed functionalization of strong Csp2-H/Heteroatom bonds: trapping intermediate species and unveiling mechanistic details 

Capdevila Güell, Lorena (Date of defense: 2022-07-22)

The development of new methodologies for the construction of complex molecules is one of the principal objectives in synthetic organic chemistry. Although huge advances have been made on cross-coupling reactions, there is ...

Asilo y refugio: derechos universales del individuo más allá de sus fronteras nacionales. Estudio comparado entre España y Ecuador, con atención especial a los derechos sociales de los refugiados 

Puerta Martínez, Yusmany (Date of defense: 2022-07-21)

The objective of this research is to analyze in a comparative way the rights recognized to people who request and receive refugee status in Ecuador and Spain, through the study of current national and international ...

El movimiento social cristiano en los siglos I al IV: un análisis sociológico de la historia 

Pascual i Esteve, Josep M. (Josep Maria), 1953- (Date of defense: 2022-07-19)

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt.6, 7-15) This prayer attributed to Jesus by the Synoptic Gospels, read in its historical-sociological context, clearly indicates the call for a new ...

Competitiveness and performance measurements for outdoor hospitality park businesses: focusing on resource and capability strategies 

Grande, Kévin (Date of defense: 2022-07-18)

This doctoral thesis studies competitiveness and performance as complementary but distinct elements in strategic management. From the point of view of the literature review in hospitality management, this research shows ...