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La Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Barcelona Tech (UPC) és una institució pública de recerca i d'educació superior en els àmbits de l'enginyeria, l'arquitectura i les ciències.

L’activitat dels seus campus i centres fan de la UPC un punt de referència i, en complicitat amb el teixit productiu, són agent i motor de canvi econòmic i social, en posar en valor la recerca bàsica i aplicada i transferir tecnologia i coneixement a la societat.

Els investigadors i investigadores de la UPC treballen des dels laboratoris i centres de recerca per augmentar la producció científica, valoritzar-la socialment a través de la transferència de resultats i continuar liderant projectes internacionals d’excel·lència, ja sigui a partir d’iniciatives pròpies o en col·laboració amb altres centres de recerca i universitats d’arreu del món.


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Enviaments recents

Ultrasonic nodal point: a new configuration for ultrasonic moulding. Advances towards the complete industrialisation of the technology 

Janer Angelet, Marcel (Data de defensa: 2022-12-01)

(English) Ultrasonic moulding is a promising technology that could be used as a substitute for conventional injection moulding techniques. This relatively new technology has a lower energy consumption, and it could be a ...

Development of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives for the labelling of glass bottles 

Márquez Fibla, Irene (Data de defensa: 2022-09-14)

Labels misplacement in the bottles are currently causing problems in wine cellar's labelling lines. According to data provided by Codorníu and Torres cellars, 1% of the bottles present this issue. Once the wine or cava ...

Biomimetic bone grafts: from the lab to the clinic 

Raymond, Yago (Data de defensa: 2021-09-13)

Bone grafting is a common medical practice in today’s society, being bone the second most transplanted tissue worldwide after blood. Therefore, it represents a field of major interest for both, biomedical research and the ...

Desarrollo de un nuevo proceso basado en la inyección 3D de tintas con carga metálica para fabricar prótesis porosas de titanio bioactivas y con propiedades antibacterianas 

Torres Garrido, Diego (Data de defensa: 2021-10-07)

Titanium (Ti) has been used for decades for bone prostheses due to its mechanical performance and good biocompatibility. However, the stress shielding effect, as a result of the stiffness mismatch between titanium and the ...

Calcium phosphate cements and foams: characterization of porosity and use as local drug delivery devices 

Pastorino, David (Data de defensa: 2015-11-23)

The topic of this Philosophy Doctor Thesis tallies with the national project MAT2012 of the BBT group of UPC: "Pore4Bone: Biomimetic calcium phosphates: tailoring porosity from the nano- to the macroscale for osteoinduction, ...

Synthesis and characterization of plasma-treated liquid and hydrogels for bone cancer therapy 

Hamouda, Inés (Data de defensa: 2020-12-16)

This PhD Thesis tallies with the Starting Grant project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) entitled “Atmospheric Pressure plAsma meets biomaterials for bone Cancer HEaling” (APACHE) and has been carried out ...

Synthesis and characterization of oxides produced by high temperature corrosion on grade 300 and 350 maraging steels 

Cerra Flórez, Mauro Andrés (Data de defensa: 2021-10-04)

The aging heat treatments in maraging steels are fundamental to achieving their excellent mechanical properties and, in some applications using oxidation surface treatments lead to induce a superficial layer formed by iron ...

Development of mono and multilayer membranes of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene copolymers via cast film extrusion and stretching 

Castejón Galán, María del Pilar (Data de defensa: 2020-12-17)

This dissertation investigates the three-stage method MEAUS (melt-extrusion, annealing, and uniaxial stretching) for producing microporous membranes. This method for membrane preparation is a solvent-free process based on ...

On the measurement of fracture toughness to understand the cracking resistance of advanced high strength steel sheets 

Frómeta Gutiérrez, David (Data de defensa: 2021-01-28)

Automotive designers are constantly facing new challenges to meet the more and more stringent safety and CO2 emission legislations. Concerning the latter, vehicle lightweighting has become one of the main goals of the ...

Processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of ceria-stabilized zirconia-based ceramics co-doped with calcia and alumina 

Tovar Vargas, Daniela (Data de defensa: 2021-07-20)

In recent years, zirconia ceramics have been used in many applications. Some of them include tool forming due to its high strength and fracture toughness, thermal barrier coatings on turbines engines due to its low thermal ...

Surface characterization and cell instructive properties of superficially modified dental zirconia 

Minguela Díaz, Joaquim (Data de defensa: 2021-07-21)

Tetragonal polycrystalline zirconia doped with 3 mol% yttria (3Y-TZP) has become one of the most popular dental ceramics. Thanks to its outstanding mechanical properties (including high hardness. Toughness and wear ...

Preparation and characterization of reactive extrusion modified PLA/ABS blends and its foams 

Kamrani Moghadam, Mohammad Reza (Data de defensa: 2021-07-21)

The current thesis takes place within the context of the projects MAT2016-80045-R "Aplicaciones industriales de compuestos y mezclas basados en REX-PLA" and the project "PLAIABS Blends: Recydability and weight reduction" ...

Perceived quality characterization of micro-textured injection moulded components for automotive interior applications 

Gamonal Repiso, Pablo (Data de defensa: 2021-07-22)

The present PhD thesis is framed within a collaborative project in which institutions such as the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona-Tech, the Centre Català del Plàstic and SEAT S.A have participated. The main ...

Micromechanical properties of inorganic multiphase materials 

Besharatloo, Hossein (Data de defensa: 2021-05-13)

This thesis is dedicated to understanding the micromechanical properties of multiphase materials which are indispensable in today’s engineering applications. The mechanical behavior of these materials is dictated by the ...

Development of metallic functionalized biomaterials with low elastic modulus for orthopedic applications 

Vidal Girona, Elia (Data de defensa: 2021-02-12)

Titanium (Ti) and Ti alloys have been used for decades for bone implants and prostheses due to its mechanical reliability and good biocompatibility. However, implant-related infections, lack of osseointegration with the ...

Aportaciones al desarrollo preclínico de un medicamento oncológico infantil con excipiente o soporte textil 

Cano Casas, Francesc (Data de defensa: 2020-07-17)

The world of technical textiles is present every day in more sectors. In the work presented, a new facet of textile materials has been shown, textiles as a drug excipient and functional matrix. It is known that electro-spinning ...

Properties of poly(lactic acid) in presence of cellulose and chitin nanocrystals 

Singh, Shikha (Data de defensa: 2020-10-09)

Plastic based materials are widely used for packaging applications. However, disposal of such petroleum-based materials e.g. polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) has become a huge threat to the environment due to its ...

Improvement of polyester dyeing at low temperature 

Radei, Shahram (Data de defensa: 2020-07-16)

In this thesis the polyester dyeing at low temperatures has been assessed with two different methods: exhaustion method and thermosol method. Exhaustion dyeing process was performed with high and low molecular-weight ...

Procesado y caracterización de propiedades mecánicas de acero TWIP mediante técnicas pulvimetalúrgicas 

García Aguirre, Karen Adriana (Data de defensa: 2020-03-26)

Twinning induced plasticity (TWIP) steels possess both, very high tensile strength and large elongation together with high formability and an outstanding high strain hardening. The unique combination of its distinctive ...

Caracterización de la unión vidrio-metal en la tecnología Glass to Metal Seal y el estudio de nuevos materiales y procesos de fabricación 

Sánchez Artigas, Marina (Data de defensa: 2021-02-17)

This doctoral thesis has been carried out at the company VAC-TRON S.A., together with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, in the Besós (EEBE) and Vilanova i la Geltrú ...