Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

UPF is a public, international and research intensive university, at the level of the best European universities. With excellent indicators in scientific output, as in the case of open access theses. 

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If you are a doctor of Universitat Pompeu Fabra and you want to publish your thesis at TDX, contact with tdx@upf.edu. For more information check Publishing theses in TDX, and the frequently asked questions (in Spanish).


Recent Submissions

  • Morron Salmeron, Adrià (Date of defense: 30-05-2017)
    The existence of transportation costs gives labor markets a local dimension. In particular, the well-documented existence of agglomeration economies creates a positive correlation between a city's size and the productivity ...
  • Williams, Tomás (Date of defense: 26-05-2017)
    This thesis provides an empirical investigation of international capital flows and how they affect financial markets and economic activity, with a focus on capital flows from benchmarked investors. In the first chapter, ...
  • Alba Castellón, Lorena, 1984- (Date of defense: 17-02-2016)
    Snail transcription factor 1 triggers epithelial to mesenchymal transition. In cancer, this process provides tumoral epithelial cells with invasive characteristics. In this thesis, we demonstrated that the function of ...
  • Becerra Bachino, Virginia, 1975- (Date of defense: 08-02-2016)
    L'objectiu global d'aquesta tesi va ser avaluar l'eficiència, des de la perspectiva dels sistemes de salut, dels tractaments més establerts per als pacients diagnosticats amb càncer de pròstata localitzat. El "Estudi ...
  • Homs Raubert, Aïda, 1983- (Date of defense: 15-09-2015)
    The aetiology of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), a group of neurodevelopmental conditions with early onset, characterized by social and communication impairment and restricted interests, is unknown in about a third of the ...

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