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La Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Barcelona Tech (UPC) és una institució pública de recerca i d'educació superior en els àmbits de l'enginyeria, l'arquitectura i les ciències.

L’activitat dels seus campus i centres fan de la UPC un punt de referència i, en complicitat amb el teixit productiu, són agent i motor de canvi econòmic i social, en posar en valor la recerca bàsica i aplicada i transferir tecnologia i coneixement a la societat.

Els investigadors i investigadores de la UPC treballen des dels laboratoris i centres de recerca per augmentar la producció científica, valoritzar-la socialment a través de la transferència de resultats i continuar liderant projectes internacionals d’excel·lència, ja sigui a partir d’iniciatives pròpies o en col·laboració amb altres centres de recerca i universitats d’arreu del món.


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Recent Submissions

Enhanced clustering analysis pipeline for performance analysis of parallel applications 

Mahdavi, Kaveh (Date of defense: 2022-07-28)

Clustering analysis is widely used to stratify data in the same cluster when they are similar according to the specific metrics. We can use the cluster analysis to group the CPU burst of a parallel application, and the ...

Real-time high-performance computing for embedded control systems 

Calderón Torres, Alejandro Josué (Date of defense: 2022-07-21)

The real-time control systems industry is moving towards the consolidation of multiple computing systems into fewer and more powerful ones, aiming for a reduction in size, weight, and power. The increasing demand for higher ...

Resilience for large ensemble computations 

Keller, Kai Rasmus (Date of defense: 2022-07-01)

With the increasing power of supercomputers, ever more detailed models of physical systems can be simulated, and ever larger problem sizes can be considered for any kind of numerical system. During the last twenty years ...

Development of cognitive workload models to detect driving impairment 

Becerra Sánchez, Enriqueta Patricia (Date of defense: 2021-09-20)

Driving a vehicle is a complex activity exposed to continuous changes such as speed limits and vehicular traffic. Drivers require a high degree of concentration when performing this activity, increasing the amount of mental ...

Distributed collaborative knowledge management for optical network 

Tabatabaeimehr, Fatemehsadat (Date of defense: 2022-06-02)

Network automation has been long time envisioned. In fact, the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN), defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), is a hierarchy of management layers (network element, ...

Large scale geostatistics with locally varying anisotropy 

Peredo Andrade, Oscar Francisco (Date of defense: 2022-06-09)

Classical geostatistical methods are based on the hypothesis of stationarity, which allows to apply repetitive sampling in different locations of the spatial domain, in order to obtain enough information to infer cumulative ...

Autonomous and reliable operation of multilayer optical networks 

Barzegar, Sima (Date of defense: 2022-06-03)

This Ph.D. thesis focuses on the reliable autonomous operation of multilayer optical networks. The first objective focuses on the reliability of the optical network and proposes methods for health analysis related to ...

On the co-design of scientific applications and long vector architectures 

Gómez Crespo, Constantino (Date of defense: 2022-05-23)

The landscape of High Performance Computing (HPC) system architectures keeps expanding with new technologies and increased complexity. To improve the efficiency of next-generation compute devices, architects are looking ...

Exploiting data locality in cache-coherent NUMA systems 

Sánchez Barrera, Isaac (Date of defense: 2022-04-06)

The end of Dennard scaling has caused a stagnation of the clock frequency in computers.To overcome this issue, in the last two decades vendors have been integrating larger numbers of processing elements in the systems, ...

Adaptable register file organization for vector processors 

Ramírez Lazo, Cristóbal (Date of defense: 2022-04-04)

Today there are two main vector processors design trends. On the one hand, we have vector processors designed for long vectors lengths such as the SX-Aurora TSUBASA which implements vector lengths of 256 elements (16384-bits). ...

Smart hardware designs for probabilistically-analyzable processor architectures 

Benedicte Illescas, Pedro (Date of defense: 2022-04-07)

Future Critical Real-Time Embedded Systems (CRTES), like those is planes, cars or trains, require more and more guaranteed performance in order to satisfy the increasing performance demands of advanced complex software ...

Programming model abstractions for optimizing I/O intensive applications 

Elshazly, Hatem Mohamed Abdelfattah Eid (Date of defense: 2021-01-28)

This thesis contributes from the perspective of task-based programming models to the efforts of optimizing I/O intensive applications. Throughout this thesis, we propose programming model abstractions and mechanisms that ...

HPC memory systems: Implications of system simulation and checkpointing 

Sánchez Verdejo, Rommel (Date of defense: 2022-02-04)

The memory system is a significant contributor for most of the current challenges in computer architecture: application performance bottlenecks and operational costs in large data-centers as HPC supercomputers. With the ...

Connectivity sharing for wireless mesh networks 

Batbayar, Khulan (Date of defense: 2022-02-07)

Internet access is still unavailable to one-third of the world population due to the lack of infrastructure, high cost, and the digital divide. Many access-limited communities opt for shared Internet access where they build ...

Flexible architecture for the future internet scalability of SDN control plane 

Rasol, Kurdman Abdulrahman (Date of defense: 2022-01-28)

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) separates the control plane from the data plane. The initial SDN approach involves a single centralized controller, which may not scale properly as a network grows in size. Distributed ...

Towards LoRa mesh networks for the IoT 

Pueyo Centelles, Roger (Date of defense: 2021-11-12)

There are several LPWAN radio technologies providing wireless communication to the billions of connected devices that form the so-called IoT. Among them, LoRa has emerged in recent years as a popular solution for low power ...

End-to-end network service orchestration in heterogeneous domains for next-generation mobile networks 

Baranda Hortigüela, Jorge (Date of defense: 2021-11-09)

5G marks the beginning of a deep revolution in the mobile network ecosystem, transitioning to a network of services to satisfy the demands of new players, the vertical industries. This revolution implies a redesign of the ...

Convergence of deep learning and high performance computing: challenges and solutions 

Njoroge Kahira, Albert (Date of defense: 2021-07-30)

Deep Learning has achieved outstanding results in many fields and led to groundbreaking discoveries. With the steady increase in datasets and model sizes, there has been a recent surge in Machine Learning applications in ...

On scalable, reconfigurable, and intelligent metasurfaces 

Taghvaee, Hamidreza (Date of defense: 2021-07-21)

Sixth Generation (6G) of wireless networks will be even more heterogeneous and dense as compared to Fifth Generation (5G) and other legacy networks. Thus, the 6G architecture will need to be adapted to serve the ever-evolving ...

Next generation overlay networks : security, trust, and deployment challenges 

Paillissé Vilanova, Jordi (Date of defense: 2021-07-23)

Overlay networks are a technique to build a new network on top of an existing one. They are a key tool to add functionality to existing networks, and are used in different layers of the Internet stack for a wide variety ...