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Memory construction in contemporary graphic novels (2005-2015): the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath 

Artime Omil, Carmen (Date of defense: 2023-04-17)

Comic books, traditionally perceived as a medium for children that would not engage in complex dialogues, contribute to the cultural memory debate that emerged in Spain around the year 2000. Through a close reading analysis ...

Educators' competences in environmental and sustainability education: theoretical and practical perspectives towards transformational education in times of global crisis 

Corres, Andrea (Date of defense: 2023-02-27)

The main research subject of this thesis is understanding the competences that educators in Environmental and Sustainability and Education (ESE) working in diverse learning settings (i.e., formal and non-formal) need to ...

Lessons from the linguistic agencies of immigrant women: a critical ethnography of education at the social integration programs in Madrid and Barcelona 

Caglitutuncigil Oker, Tulay (Date of defense: 2016-05-17)

This thesis is a critical sociolinguistic ethnography of education in the so-called social integration programs oriented to African immigrant women in Madrid and Barcelona. It analyzes four cost-free language classrooms ...

Curaduría intuitiva y otros desarrollos de producción cultural desde el artista curador 

Galván Martínez, Mónica Alejandra (Date of defense: 2023-01-13)

[spa] La presente revisión comparte ensayos producidos en la práctica curatorial independiente. Perfilando el concepto de curaduría intuitiva, se manifiesta la manera de entenderme como curadora y, por ende, revela el tipo ...

Study and Prediction of Air Quality in Smart Cities through Machine Learning Techniques Considering Spatiotemporal Components 

Iskandaryan, Ditsuhi (Date of defense: 2023-03-07)

Air quality is considered one of the top concerns. Information and knowledge about air quality can assist in effectively monitoring and controlling concentrations, reducing or preventing its harmful impacts and consequences. ...