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  • Girbau Xalabarder, Andreu (Date of defense: 17-03-2021)
    Since less than a decade ago, deep learning techniques started to dominate many different fields, revolutionizing the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Seeing their potential, industrial sectors started to invest ...
  • Monfort Escrig, Cristina (Date of defense: 08-06-2021)
    Las personas con trastornos del espectro de la esquizofrenia muestran déficits sustanciales en la neurocognición y la cognición social, así como problemas relacionados con el apego. Se diseñaron cuatros estudios con el ...
  • Gatti, Francesca (Date of defense: 19-03-2021)
    Let E be an elliptic curve defined over the field of rational numbers and let f be the corresponding newform of weight 2. Let g,h be two weight one newforms whose nebentype characters are mutually inverse. Let V be the ...

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