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El entrenamiento de súper velocidad para la mejora de la velocidad máxima de desplazamiento mediante sistemas de arrastre 

Cecília Gallego, Pau (Date of defense: 2023-10-23)

[spa] Introducción. El entrenamiento de la velocidad máxima de desplazamiento (VMD) tiene una gran influencia en el rendimiento de muchas especialidades deportivas. La súper velocidad (SV) o velocidad asistida destaca por ...

Exploring the role of climate variability and change in the spillover of zoonotic diseases: towards the development of Early Warning Systems (RWS) 

San José i Plana, Adrià (Date of defense: 2024-04-16)

The primary goal of this PhD is to deepen our understanding and improve the modeling capacity of zoonotic spillover, the multilevel process by which pathogens manage to overcome a series of natural barriers and infect other ...

Experience-dependent information processing in biological systems 

Vidal Saez, Maria Sol (Date of defense: 2024-04-15)

Organisms need to integrate its previous experience with its current internal state in order to deliver a suitable response to dynamic changes in their environment. This thesis is devoted to analyze, using a mathematical ...

La mediación audiovisual en el aprendizaje universitario como estrategia de transformación social 

María Marcos, Francisco Javier (Date of defense: 2024-01-19)

Esta tesis doctoral define el uso de la mediación audiovisual como un proceso de transformación social en entornos universitarios. Se analiza cómo los participantes, con la guía de un mediador audiovisual/docente, abordan ...

Improving the performance of synthetic and biomimetic 3D-printed bone grafts 

Mazo Barbara, Laura del (Date of defense: 2024-03-12)

(English) Bone is the second most frequent tissue transplantation right after blood transfusion. Although it has natural self-healing abilities, bone grafts are required in critical size defects to provide mechanical ...