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An Analysis of Factors for Preventing and Detecting Corruption: Evidence in Indonesia Village Government 

Putri, Caesar Marga (Date of defense: 2023-11-30)

[eng] The enactment of Village Law No 6 of 2014 is intended for village decentralisation which allows the village government to manage the village under regency and ministry regulations. Its purpose is to increase community ...

Del transmedia storytelling al transmedia learning. Reflexions entorn l'ús de les narratives transmèdia com a estratègia didàctica 

Meyerhofer-Parra, Rafel (Date of defense: 2023-09-05)

This doctoral thesis is the result of the conceptual and practical analysis of the uses of transmedia narratives in education. Storytelling, narration or the art of storytelling is a key element of human communication. In ...

Environmentally-friendly perovskite nanocrystals based on titanium and tin 

Liga, Shanti Maria (Date of defense: 2023-03-22)

(English) The availability of energy is a fundamental ingredient for the development of society. However, the intense consumption of fossil fuels as an energy resource since the second industrial revolution has caused a ...

Nanoscale morphology and structure of organic donor-acceptor heterojunctions 

Silvestri, Francesco (Date of defense: 2021-12-14)

El esfuerzo científico dedicado a la electrónica orgánica en las últimas décadas ha dado lugar a impresionantes avances en este campo. A pesar de estos logros, el gran potencial que los semiconductores orgánicos (OSC) ...

Brown macroalgae (Phaeophyceae) as an alternative and sustainable source of novel antimicrobial compounds to improve food safety 

Rubiño Campoy, Susana (Date of defense: 2023-07-28)

Macroalgae have been recognized as an interesting source of compounds with multiple applications in different fields due to their various bioactivities since current trends are moving towards the use of alternative compounds ...