Un estudi de casos sobre l'avaluació del resultat de l'aprenentatge a l'E.S.O.: una base per a la reflexió i la formació del professorat


Rafel Cufí, Ester


Pérez i Cabaní, M. Lluïsa (Maria Lluïsa)

Date of defense




Legal Deposit

Gi. 1205-2008


Universitat de Girona. Departament de Psicologia


This study is built up on the need to enhance the thinking over the decisions taken and the performances carried out by teachers and students in secondary education with regard to the evaluation of the learning result. The problem lies in that the information and - or - the results gathered from the evaluation practices do not always entail a serious consideration of these data. Hence the lack of a systematic modification of the educational practices. In this study a range of self-questioning tools are proposed in order to enhance ¡the teachers and students' ability to think about this topic as well as their ability to evaluate themselves. The proceeding has been the following: a) the issues that generate conflict have been identified according to the dimensions and categories of this research; b) a model to build the tools has been elaborated; c) finally, questions have been constructed for each one of the conflicts previously specified. This has been done bearing in mind the theoretical framework that has been chosen to carry out this research. The mechanism that is proposed here is formed by five tools for the teachers and one for the students. Each tool consists of a) the definition of the problem; b) the goal of the tool, and c) the three levels of consideration. In the first level, general questions are put forward in order to be discussed either individually or in a group. The goal of this activity is to gain consciousness of the key issues in order to solve the problems. In the second level, a more structured guide is proposed. Its goal is to direct the practice of the reflection of the issues that generate a conflict. Finally, in the third level, a method is proposed to increase the reflection and the viewpoints of this reflection, like written documents, web pages, specific references, experiences, and opinions about the topic.


Evaluation; Evaluación; Avaluació; Results; Resultados; Resultats; Learning; Aprendizaje; Aprenentatge; Teaching; Ensenyanza; Ensenyament; Obligatory Secondary Education; Educación Secundaria Obligatoria; Educació Secundària Obligatòria


159.9 - Psychology; 373 - Kinds of school providing general education






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