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La Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Barcelona Tech (UPC) és una institució pública de recerca i d'educació superior en els àmbits de l'enginyeria, l'arquitectura i les ciències.

L’activitat dels seus campus i centres fan de la UPC un punt de referència i, en complicitat amb el teixit productiu, són agent i motor de canvi econòmic i social, en posar en valor la recerca bàsica i aplicada i transferir tecnologia i coneixement a la societat.

Els investigadors i investigadores de la UPC treballen des dels laboratoris i centres de recerca per augmentar la producció científica, valoritzar-la socialment a través de la transferència de resultats i continuar liderant projectes internacionals d’excel·lència, ja sigui a partir d’iniciatives pròpies o en col·laboració amb altres centres de recerca i universitats d’arreu del món.


Portal de la producció científica dels investigadors de la UPC.


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Recent Submissions

Heat transfer correlations for liquid metal flows under nuclear fusion conditions 

Suárez Cambra, Daniel (Date of defense: 2023-07-06)

(English) This thesis focuses on modeling the circulation of liquid metal through the breeding blanket channels of a tokamak fusion reactor. Apart from extracting the heat produced by the nuclear reactions of the plasma, ...

Spatio-temporal quality metrics for satellite SAR interferometric data 

Wassie, Yismaw Abera (Date of defense: 2023-07-24)

(English) The availability of RADAR images for monitoring Earth’s surface and its changes over time prompt the development of several interferometric SAR (InSAR) algorithms and methodologies. The Multi-temporal InSAR ...

Hydrodynamic models of accretion onto rotating compact stars 

Martín Rodríguez, José David (Date of defense: 2023-07-07)

(English) Hydrodynamic models are essential for our understanding of the physics of stellar explosions, and specifically, for their potential contribution to the Galactic chemical abundances. In this Work, a one-dimensional ...

Nonlinear optics at nanoscale: frequency conversion at interfaces 

Rodríguez Suñé, Laura (Date of defense: 2023-06-19)

(English) The use of semiconductors, metals, or ordinary dielectrics in the process of fabrication of nanodevices is at the front edge of nowadays technology. In the last decade an impressive technological progress has ...

Study of relaxation phenomena and local structure evolution in metallic glasses by means of Mössbauer and mechanical spectroscopy 

Panahi, Seyedeh Leila (Date of defense: 2023-05-08)

(English) New research shows that global demand for alloys with unique properties for various applications increased drastically, and among all them the demand for high entropy and metallic glasses in the industry is ...

Counter a drone via deep reinforcement learning 

Çetin, Ender (Date of defense: 2023-08-30)

(English) Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) also known as drones have been used for a variety of reasons such as surveillance, reconnaissance, shipping and delivery, etc. and commercial drone market growth is expected to reach ...

Deep learning techniques for demand-capacity balancing 

Mas Pujol, Sergi (Date of defense: 2023-05-12)

(English) Nowadays Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) have to handle and accommodate a continuously increasing traffic demand in a scenario that is expected to be more time-efficient and cost-efficient. Meeting the ...

Impulse maneuver design for a solar sail spacecraft in the restricted three-body problem framework 

Duan, Xun (Date of defense: 2023-05-10)

(English) A solar sail is a method of spacecraft propulsion that uses only the solar radiation pressure (SRP). The main research object of this thesis is a solar sail spacecraft in the artificially created libration point ...

Three-dimensional SPH simulations of the interaction between the nova ejecta and the companion star 

Figueira, Joana (Date of defense: 2023-05-31)

(English) Classical and Recurrent novae are thermonuclear explosions hosted by accreting white dwarfs in stellar binary systems. Material piles up on top of the white dwarf star under mildly degenerate conditions, driving ...

Cylindrical microplane model for fiber reinforced polymer composites 

Sabounchi, Saeed (Date of defense: 2023-04-13)

(English) Fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) are the most used composite materials in many applications, from broom handle to the main structure of advanced aircraft. Despite the enormous research done on these materials, ...

Theoretical and experimental investigation on the visible-light controlled functional properties in charged domain wall ferroelectrics 

Ordoñez Pimentel, Jonathan (Date of defense: 2023-03-24)

(English) Optical control of ferroelectric properties has been attracted a growing interest as an alternative to the conventional control by applied electric fields. However, the major drawback for achieving an effective ...

Understanding secondary emission processes and beam matter interactions for optimization of diagnostic wire grid system in particle accelerators : thermal modeling for beam power limits calculation 

Navarro Fernández, Araceli (Date of defense: 2023-03-21)

(English) Thin targets, in form of foils, stripes or wires, are widely used in beam instrumentation to measure various beam parameters, such as intensity, position and size. All these monitors can differ in geometry and ...

Enhanced air traffic flow and capacity management under trajectory based operations considering traffic complexity 

Melgosa Farrés, Marc (Date of defense: 2023-03-22)

(English) The Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) aims at maintaining the forecast traffic demand below the estimated capacity in airports and airspace sectors. The purpose is to maintain the workload of the ...

Galileo broadcast ephemeris and clock errors, and observed fault probabilities for ARAIM 

Alonso Alonso, María Teresa (Date of defense: 2023-03-03)

(English) The characterization of Clock and Ephemeris error of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems is a key element to validate the assumptions for the integrity analysis of GNSS Safety of Life (SoL) applications. ...

Collective motion and collective decision-making in animal groups : from scholling fish to swarming robots 

Múgica Gallart, Julia (Date of defense: 2023-06-07)

(English) Collective behavior in animals is ubiquitous in nature. It emerges from the self-organization of interacting individuals within a group. What makes collective behavior so interesting is that the behavior of the ...

High-fidelity numerical simulations of reacting flows with tabulated chemistry 

Both, Ambrus (Date of defense: 2023-06-29)

(English) In the transition to net-zero carbon emission technologies, turbulent combustion is expected to retain an important role in various applications. In particular, the aviation industry is projected to widely adapt ...

Contributions to high accuracy snapshot GNSS positioning 

Liu, Xiao (Date of defense: 2022-11-10)

(English) Snapshot positioning is the technique to determine the position of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver using only a very brief interval of the received satellite signal. In recent years, this ...

Atomistic study of slip transfer in BCC metals 

Kvashin, Nikolai (Date of defense: 2022-11-16)

(English) The mechanical properties of structural materials, which are naturally polycrystalline, is defined by a number of physical processes that take place at different time and space scales. On several of those processes, ...

Machine learning for aircraft trajectory prediction: a solution for pre-tactical air traffic flow management 

Mateos Villar, Manuel (Date of defense: 2022-11-08)

(English) The goal of air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) is to ensure that airport and airspace capacity meet traffic demand while optimising traffic flows to avoid exceeding the available capacity when it ...

Development and interactions of surfzone morphological patterns 

de Swart, Rinse Leendert (Date of defense: 2022-07-19)

A variety of morphodynamic patterns are typically present in the nearshore zone of sandy beaches that develop due to the interactions between waves, currents and the morphology. The most common are one or several nearshore ...