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La Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Barcelona Tech (UPC) és una institució pública de recerca i d'educació superior en els àmbits de l'enginyeria, l'arquitectura i les ciències.

L’activitat dels seus campus i centres fan de la UPC un punt de referència i, en complicitat amb el teixit productiu, són agent i motor de canvi econòmic i social, en posar en valor la recerca bàsica i aplicada i transferir tecnologia i coneixement a la societat.

Els investigadors i investigadores de la UPC treballen des dels laboratoris i centres de recerca per augmentar la producció científica, valoritzar-la socialment a través de la transferència de resultats i continuar liderant projectes internacionals d’excel·lència, ja sigui a partir d’iniciatives pròpies o en col·laboració amb altres centres de recerca i universitats d’arreu del món.


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Recent Submissions

Análisis del comportamiento frente acciones cíclicas de muros de mampostería reforzados con materiales compuestos de matriz inorgánica y tejidos de fibras vegetales 

Mercedes Cedeño, Luis Enrique (Date of defense: 2019-10-04)

In order to pursue sustainable objectives in the construction industry, a new composite material using vegetal fabric coated with resin and embedded into mortar was developed, characterized and applied on masonry walls. ...

Numerical modelling of the growth and remodelling phenomena in biological tissues 

Comellas Sanfeliu, Ester (Date of defense: 2016-02-05)

Living biological tissues are complex structures that have the capacity of evolving in response to external loads and environmental stimuli. The adequate modelling of soft biological tissue behaviour is a key issue in ...

Análisis resistente de estructuras de obra de fábrica mediante redes funiculares simuladas computacionalmente 

Andreu Torras, Antoni (Date of defense: 2006-09-22)

Este trabajo tiene por objetivo desarrollar una estrategia orientada a resolver de forma computacional el equilibrio estático de las obras pétreas formadas por elementos unidimensionales empleando la analogía clásica de ...

Modelo constitutivo para tejido óseo humano : propiedades mecánicas del hueso cortical de costilla 

Velázquez Ameijide, Juan (Date of defense: 2015-03-23)

This dissertation deals with obtaining the mechanical properties of the cortical bone of the human ribs. One hundred one samples from 76 donors were tested for this study. The number of tested samples significantly ...

Análisis beneficio costo probabilista de medidas de mitigación del riesgo por sismo 

Mora Cuevas, Miguel Genaro (Date of defense: 2016-02-02)

In the situation to make decisions about which risk mitigation measures -RMM- to implement and the performance level required, arises the need for a quantitative analysis of benefits that may be obtained as well as the ...

Stabilized finite element formulations for the three-field viscoelastic fluid flow problem 

Castillo del Barrio, Ernesto (Date of defense: 2016-03-15)

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a powerful numerical tool, that permits the resolution of problems defined by partial differential equations, very often employed to deal with the numerical simulation of multiphysics ...

Multiscale numerical modelling of microstructured reinforced composites 

Otero Gruer, Fermin (Date of defense: 2016-02-09)

Most of the existing materials around us can be considered composite materials, since they are composed by several phases or components at certain spatial scale. The physical and chemical properties of composites, as occurs ...

La curva híbrida de riesgo : análisis retrospectivo y prospectivo del riesgo por fenómenos naturales 

Velásquez Villada, César Augusto (Date of defense: 2016-02-01)

The natural hazard risk is a contingent liability and, thus, a sovereign risk for national governments and, therefore, it is important to assess properly the potential losses in order to design suitable policies and ...

Numerical simulation of fatigue processes : application to steel and composite structures 

Barbu, L. G. (Lucia Gratiela) (Date of defense: 2016-02-01)

The present thesis aims at advancing an innovative computational methodology that simulates steel and composite material fracture under cyclic loading following a phenomenological approach, with calibration from both small ...

Riesgo sísmico de edificaciones en términos de pérdidas económicas mediante integración de costos de reparación de componentes 

Yamin Lacouture, Luis Eduardo (Date of defense: 2016-01-28)

The probabilistic seismic risk assessment in terms of economic losses for building portfolios aims at the estimation of the probability distribution functions of losses. This can be done for a specific seismic event ...

Modelado de multifractura discreta en materiales quasi-frágiles 

Lafontaine, Nelson M. (Date of defense: 2016-01-18)

The stated goal of this work is to develop a numerical explicit finite element method able to effectively address the strain localization process, discrete fracture and fragmentation process in quasi-brittle materials, ...

Applications of turbulence modeling in civil engineering 

Cotela Dalmau, Jordi (Date of defense: 2016-01-15)

This thesis explores the use of stabilized finite element formulations for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations to simulate turbulent flow problems. Turbulence is a challenging problem due to its complex and dynamic ...

Estudio del comportamiento mecánico de vigas de hormigón armado reforzadas a flexión y a cortante con materiales compuestos de matriz cementítica 

Escrig Pérez, Christian (Date of defense: 2015-10-02)

The global tendency to apply sustainability criteria in most of productive fields, as well as, the limited durability and the pathologies that suffer the reinforced concrete elements, are aspects that directly affect the ...

Numerical calculation model for the global analysis of concrete structures with masonry walls 

Escudero Torres, Cuauhtémoc (Date of defense: 2015-07-13)

The numerical simulation in the field of civil engineering, while widely used in structural design, has not benefited from the full potential offered by new technologies for the analysis and design of composite materials ...

Caracterització termomecànica d'actuadors amb memòria de forma NiTiCu 

Fabregat Sanjuan, Albert (Date of defense: 2015-07-15)

In this thesis the thermomechanical characterization of the shape memory alloy NiTiCu working as an actuator with different heat treatment (HT) temperatures has been carried out. The results from the tests carried on ...

Unified Lagrangian formulation for fluid and solid mechanics, fluid-structure interaction and coupled thermal problems using the PFEM 

Franci, Alessandro (Date of defense: 2015-05-07)

The objective of this thesis is the derivation and implementation of a unified Finite Element formulation for the solution of uid and solid mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) and coupled thermal problems. The ...

Finite element modeling of delamination in advanced composite beams and plates using one- and two-dimensional finite elements based on the refined zigzag theory 

Eijo, A. (Ariel) (Date of defense: 2014-09-25)

Although laminated materials have been used for decades, their employment has increased nowadays in the last years as a result of the gained confidence of the industry on these materials. This has provided the scientific ...

Un nuevo método para la simulación numérica de problemas de partición de dominios 

Cafiero Díaz, Mailhyn E. (Date of defense: 2014-12-18)

The aim of this work is to develop, implement and validate a technique for information transfer, in the domain decomposition methods, able to address coupled thermomechanical problems, with mixed displacement-pressure ...

Metodología para la modelación, cálculo y calibración de parámetros de la amenaza sísmica para la evaluación probabilista del riesgo 

Bernal Granados, Gabriel Andrés (Date of defense: 2014-11-09)

In the assessment of seismic risk, hazard is one of its main components, given that, from a probabilistic perspective, provides the annual rates of exceedance of the intensities of strong motion in the site or region of ...

Analysis of circular bond-type anchorages for prestressing composite rods under quasi-static, fatigue and time-dependent loads 

Puigvert Cobos, Francesc (Date of defense: 2014-10-20)

En estructures pretesades sotmeses a ambients corrosius, s'està estudiant la possibilitat de substituir els tendons d’acer per tendons que no pateixin els efectes de la corrosió. En aquest sentit, els materials compostos ...