Programa de Doctorat en Economia i Empresa

Programa de Doctorat en Economia i Empresa

Universitat Jaume I of Castellón is a public higher education and research center, created in 1991, aiming at the social, economic and cultural development of the society of your environment through the creation and transmission of knowledge. Our university offers 31 degrees of grade, 49 master's degrees and 19 doctorate programs, and has more than 15,000 students.

The Doctoral School manages doctoral courses. Their programs include research in arts, humanities, social sciences and law, health, experimental sciences and technology and offer a wide variety of courses adapted to different training needs.

The library introduces the doctoral theses in TDX, which are also collected by the Repository UJI.

If you are a doctor of Universitat Jaume I and you want to publish your thesis at TDX, contact with For more information check the frequently asked questions (in Catalan or in Spanish).

Recent Submissions

  • Ciola, Emanuele (Date of defense: 14-03-2019)
    The main purpose of this thesis is to extend the theoretical knowledge on the relationship between the financial and the real sectors. Speciffically, we investigate how the allocation of capital affects the dynamics of ...
  • Marini, Matteo Maria (Date of defense: 26-02-2019)
    In the first chapter of the dissertation I conduct a laboratory experiment in order to study the effect of incidental sadness and happiness on risky decision making. The analysis reveals that both sadness and happiness ...
  • García Pérez, Icíar (Date of defense: 26-02-2019)
    Inspired by the 1999 Program of Action defined by the United Nations, which describes eight pragmatic areas for a Culture of Peace. My proposal will work on the section 'Sustainable economic and social development' evaluating ...
  • de Mingo López, Diego Víctor (Date of defense: 25-01-2019)
    This doctoral thesis proposes the evaluation of different aspects related to the efficiency and analysis of the behaviour of mutual funds and their demand. The sample analysed focuses on more than 17,000 share-classes ...
  • Domínguez Escrig, Emilio (Date of defense: 11-01-2019)
    The main objective of this research is to disentangle the factors that promote or are positively related to radical innovation and its success. To this end, four studies have been proposed, which suggest various facilitators ...

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