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  • Astudillo-Díaz, Paula (Date of defense: 13-07-2021)
    In this study the development of the ENPROS instrument (Environmental Safeguards against hospital work Stress) is reported. It measures environmental safeguards from hospital work stress. ENPROS is a 45-item instrument ...
  • Portal González, Gerard (Date of defense: 27-05-2022)
    Soil moisture is an essential climate variable that plays a crucial role linking the Earth’s water, energy, and carbon cycles. It is responsible for the water exchange between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere, and ...
  • Kastrau, Philipp (Date of defense: 30-05-2022)
    This thesis consists of three independent chapters which all utilize primary data from Sierra Leone. The first chapter uses a field experiment to show that financial incentives maximize output in an hierarchical organization ...

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