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Recent Submissions

El model de recuperació i la seva aplicació als serveis de rehabilitació comunitària: una aproximació qualitativa des de la perspectiva dels usuaris i professionals 

Palomer Roca, Eduard (Date of defense: 2024-02-02)

Introduction Recovery as a concept and as a goal towards which to orient health services is being implemented in the Anglo-Saxon world. In our context, this new paradigm still has little weight but it is beginning to ...

Welfare promoting environments: assessment and management in sanctuary chimpanzees 

Crailsheim, Dietmar (Date of defense: 2024-02-02)

Due to the curiosity and interest humans show towards great apes such as chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), we can find large numbers of captive chimpanzees all over the world housed in a wide array of living conditions. ...

Methods for remote stock monitoring using depth sensors 

Vila Clarà, Oriol (Date of defense: 2024-01-29)

RGB-D cameras return images like an ordinary camera but in addition to color, depthmaps where each pixel value represents the distance to a point of the scene are also obtained. Although originally conceived for gaming and ...

Caterina Albert/Víctor Català (1869-1966), biografia intel·lectual i literària 

Muñoz Pairet, Irene (Date of defense: 2024-01-29)

The thesis Caterina Albert/Víctor Català (1869-1966), intellectual and literary biography analyzes the professional career of the writer Víctor Català, from its beginnings, at the end of the 19th century, to the 1950s. It ...

Sobre la forma de los arbotantes en las fábricas góticas 

Samper Sosa, Albert (Date of defense: 2024-01-25)

Flying buttresses have been extensively studied from a mechanical, constructive or descriptive point of view. The references on its geometric aspects are practically scarce and unfortunately, we have to go back to 1854 to ...

La percepción de la emoción en la experiencia de formación energética emocional de la voz para el actor teatral. Un estudio etnográfico-interpretativo 

Duran Elicer, Solange (Date of defense: 2024-01-24)

This doctoral thesis emerges after three decades of experience in teaching voice, with a specific focus on vocal training for theater in university spaces. The research proposes a new paradigm, methodological, and practical, ...

L’ós de les cavernes (Ursus spelaeus) a Catalunya 

Millan Arnau, Ferran (Date of defense: 2023-06-21)

This study comprises an examination of the osteological remains of populations of cave bears (Ursus spelaeus, Rosenmüller, 1794) found in the Late Middle Palaeolithic layers of three caves in northeastern Catalonia, Spain: ...

Reinforcement learning for bolus insulin dosing for people with type 1 diabetes 

Ahmad, Sayyar (Date of defense: 2024-01-18)

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is a chronic metabolic disorder caused by destruction of the insulin producing beta cells in the islets of Langerhans within the pancreas due to an autoimmune reaction. T1D is distinguished by elevated ...

Deterioro cognitivo leve y demencia tipo Alzheimer en personas con discapacidad intelectual: detección, clasificación y caracterización de la evolución clínica 

Rodriguez-Hidalgo, Emili (Date of defense: 2023-12-22)

Background. Intellectual disability is a neurodevelopment disorder affecting intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. The increase of life expectancy of this population leads to an increase of mental health pathologies ...

El turismo como un instrumento para la patrimonialización de los bienes y manifestaciones culturales del municipio de Honda 

Nieto, Alvelayis (Date of defense: 2023-12-20)

This investigation is based on the problem that the process of tourist and cultural patrimonialization of the municipality of Honda was gestated and developed by the local political and economic powers, who instrumentalized ...

Three essays on housing economics: the impact of COVID-19 on short-, medium- and long-term rental housing 

Llaneza Hesse, Catalina (Date of defense: 2023-12-19)

This dissertation evaluates the pandemic's impact on three coexisting urban rental markets: traditional long-term rentals (LTR), short-term rentals (STR) primarily catering to tourists, and seasonal month-by-month rentals ...

Complicacions perioperatòries de l’adrenalectomia laparoscòpica. Experiència a la província de Girona 

Delisau-Puig, Olga (Date of defense: 2023-12-15)

INTRODUCTION: Adrenal masses are one of the most common tumors, being incidentally diagnosed in 5% of patients undergoing imaging tests. Until the beginning of the 1990s, all adrenal surgical treatment was performed through ...

The analysis of tourist destinations’ influence in international student mobility 

Quintero Morán, Karla Romina (Date of defense: 2023-12-15)

The ability for places to become meaningful, to generate bonds, sometimes without awareness, tends to create attachments that are developed and reproduced over time. Attachment to the environment is often considered to be ...

“Divide et impera”: conectividad y dinámicas de conflicto en occidente durante la República Romana (ss. III – II a.C.) 

Rodríguez Ventós, Gerard (Date of defense: 2023-12-15)

This PhD thesis conducts an examination of Roman expansionism in the Western Mediterranean during the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, adopting a distinctive approach based upon connectivity as its pivotal role in historical ...

Activisme patrimonial a Catalunya. La salvaguarda del patrimoni construït (1970-2020) 

Castañé Curiel, Íngrid (Date of defense: 2023-12-14)

This doctoral thesis studies the relationship between citizenship and built heritage through the social movements that arise for its claim and defense, that is, heritage activism. The research delves into the initiatives ...

Design of hybrid nano-engineered bioprocesses for wastewater treatment 

Ponzelli, Michele (Date of defense: 2023-12-11)

Freshwater scarcity is a growing concern, prompting the exploration of water reuse strategies. Anaerobic wastewater treatment is gaining popularity due to its low energy requirements and the potential for resource recovery. ...

Rethinking the governance of local cultural policy from the perspective of sustainability 

Baltà Portolès, Jordi (Date of defense: 2023-12-05)

This thesis considers how the climate crisis and broader sustainability challenges call for a revision of approaches to cultural policy and, more specifically, what this implies for the governance of local cultural policy. ...

Prudenci Bertrana, el caçador d’enyorances. Estudi periodístic (1896-1938) 

Pujol Prat, Judit (Date of defense: 2023-12-01)

The present study focuses on the journalistic facet of Prudenci Bertrana (1867-1941), which is the least studied among the literary, pictorial facets of his career. That being so, the aim of this work is to fill a bibliographic ...

Efectos de un programa de rehabilitación domiciliaria sobre la capacidad física y funcional, la autonomía y la calidad de vida de las personas mayores con fractura proximal de fémur 

Gómez Tomás, Jordi Joan (Date of defense: 2023-11-29)

Introduction. Proximal femoral fracture (PFF) is an injury related to the elderly that poses a serious public health problem. Epidemiological data confirm a progressive increase in PFF in Spain, accounting for 45 thousand ...

Models economètrics en entorns big data enfocats a desigualtats 

Perafita Basart, Xavier (Date of defense: 2023-11-24)

In the last twenty years, the study of social inequalities has been a topic of special interest, revealing how differences between social classes have increased. During the same period, data generation has exponentially ...