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Recent Submissions

Processos de construcció de la identitat d'aprenent: anàlisi del discurs de les interaccions a l'aula 

Lázaro, Laura (Date of defense: 2023-11-22)

This work aims at analysing the discursive forms by which various processes and resources that configurate the learner identity are constructed through interpersonal interactions in the classroom. For this purpose, we have ...

Innovación y co-creación como impulsores de la participación de los jóvenes en la gobernanza sostenible del turismo 

Andreu Aparicio, Herminia (Date of defense: 2023-11-21)

This research is an exciting immersion into the world of co-creation and its potential to drive innovation in sustainability within tourism and heritage education. Through the methodology of participant observation in the ...

New tumour markers for pancreatic cancer based on the altered glycosylation of serum glycoproteins 

Duran Sidera, Adrià (Date of defense: 2023-11-14)

Pancreatic cancer (PaC) is the deadliest of all tumours, with a 5-year survival below 12% and a mortality/incidence ratio of 94.5%. One of the main reasons behind this dismal prognosis is the diagnosis of the disease at ...

La integració de les tecnologies digitals en la formació de docents AICLE: un estudi de cas 

Felip-Falcó, Rosamaria (Date of defense: 2023-11-10)

This doctoral thesis focuses on the integration of digital technologies in CLIL teacher development programs through the design and evaluation of the training program called AF-eCLIL, whose central objective is to empower ...

Development of flexible cavitand receptors based on calix[5]arene. Rational design, synthesis and study of their properties 

Álvarez Yebra, Rubén (Date of defense: 2023-11-07)

Cavitands are macromolecules with a permanent cavity where smaller molecules or ions can be accommodated. The hydrophobic cavity of these supramolecules allows the binding of other molecules though non-covalent interactions, ...

Production and characterization of magnetic iron-based materials by mechanical alloying, arc melting, and spark plasma sintering 

Zaara, Kaouther (Date of defense: 2023-11-03)

This thesis dissertation discusses the microstructure, thermal behavior, magnetic and mechanical properties of some Fe-based alloys and a high entropy alloy (HEA) in the form of mechanically alloyed powders or bulk solids, ...

Enhancing the AUV long-term deployment: non-holonomic AUV autonomous docking using acoustics in a funnel-shaped docking station 

Esteba Masjuan, Joan (Date of defense: 2023-10-19)

Underwater robotics has undergone significant development in recent years. It has been applied to a wide range of sectors, such as the mapping of areas of interest, the collection of scientific data, or the Inspection ...

La aplicación práctica de la oferta y respuesta motivada en España 

Solis Mota, Jaime Carlos (Date of defense: 2023-10-31)

Cars accidents cause many injuries, including thousands of deaths, on roads around the world, becoming a problem for today's society. In the European Union, there are laws so that those injured can obtain the corresponding ...

Los retos y estrategias de la educación inclusiva en la universidad para personas con discapacidad intelectual. Diseño, aplicación y evaluación de una experiencia piloto 

Mejía Cajamarca, Paulina Elizabeth (Date of defense: 2023-10-27)

The main objective of this thesis is to design, apply and evaluate an educational program for people with intellectual disabilities at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the University of Girona. For this research, ...

La intervenció educativa en l'alumnat amb dificultat de regulació del comportament. Anàlisi dels factors de risc i de protecció 

Balart, Imma (Date of defense: 2023-10-26)

Introduction: Children and adolescents diagnosed with Conduct Disorder present a repetitive and persistent pattern of disruptive behaviour with difficulties to accept and follow the social norms or rules appropriate to ...

Elaboració i validació d'un qüestionari per a avaluar les habilitats per a la vida 

Batlle Amat, Pau (Date of defense: 2023-10-20)

Introduction: According to the World Health Organization – WHO – life skills "are abilities to adopt an adaptive and positive behavior that allows individuals to effectively address the demands and challenges of everyday ...

Materiales compuestos a partir de filamentos naturales y matriz plástica biobasada, y sus posibles aplicaciones tecnológicas 

Séculi, Faust (Date of defense: 2023-10-11)

Nowadays the problem of climate change on planet Earth has aggravated, it has become extremely important to find solutions that considerably reduce or even eliminate its causes. Among the set of solutions that have been ...

Density functional theory to the rescue of transition-metal chemistry 

Martins, Frederico F. (Date of defense: 2023-10-09)

Density functional theory (DFT) was postulated almost 60 years ago and equipped chemists with a powerful framework to simulate, in silico, the behavior of chemical systems. Despite its widespread utility, DFT methods have ...

Modelling of electric vehicle user profiles for flexibility management and charging infrastructure planning 

Cañigueral Maurici, Marc (Date of defense: 2023-10-10)

The transition to electric mobility is facing multiple challenges, usually associated with the roll-out of the charging infrastructure. On one hand, cities must develop a charging infrastructure that meets the user needs ...

Gold complexes based on (N,C) and (N,C,C) chelating ligands: ligand design and reactivity studies in cross-coupling catalysis 

Font Rubio, Pau (Date of defense: 2023-10-06)

Homogeneous reactions catalyzed by gold have mainly been developed in the past two decades, stemming from the proneness of Au(I) and Au(III) complexes to coordinate and activate carbon-carbon multiple bonds towards a ...

Analysis of creep crack growth in adhesively bonded joints under mode I loading 

Meulman, Edwin (Date of defense: 2023-10-06)

Adhesive bonds could replace more traditional mechanical joints, making structures lighter and smoother. Stresses are distributed over a larger area, and dissimilar materials can be bonded, accommodating differences in ...

Desenvolupament del procés d’obtenció d’un concentrat proteic d’alt valor nutritiu a partir de sang procedent d’escorxadors 

Ferrer Carré, Clara (Date of defense: 2023-09-27)

Global forecasts of an impending shortage of animal protein for human consumption have led to the search for new sources of dietary protein, either from alternative plant, fungal or insect sources, or from by-products of ...

The perceived value, satisfaction and loyalty of the demand for cultural heritage destinations 

Moreno Manzo, Jessenia (Date of defense: 2023-09-20)

This doctoral thesis focuses on the studies of tourist destinations with heritage characteristics to investigate the perspectives of the perceived value of the tourist demand and to explore the direct relationships that ...

Predicción probabilística de estados glucémicos para pacientes con diabetes tipo 1 mediante el análisis de datos composicionales 

Cabrera Tejera, Alvis (Date of defense: 2023-09-20)

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease that affects a large number of people worldwide, making it a global pandemic. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) accounts for approximately 10 % of all cases. It is characterized by autoimmune ...

Data-driven models for type 1 diabetes using generative deep learning 

Mujahid, Omer (Date of defense: 2023-09-19)

Modeling biological systems has always been challenging given the complexity of the processes involved in them. Experts have been employing physiological models to approximate the dynamics of biological systems; however, ...