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Anaerobic digestion of animal by-products: assessment of process limitations and opportunities in real pig slaughterhouses 

Otero Rodríguez, Ana Mª (Date of defense: 2023-11-28)

[eng] Meat industry and particularly pig slaughterhouses produce huge amounts of animal by- products not intended for human consumption. This residual stream appears as a potential raw material for anaerobic digestion and ...

Conservation biology of the Spanish toothcarp (Aphanius iberus): mechanisms of coexistence with eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) 

Fernández-Vilar, Andrés Lucas (Date of defense: 2023-07-10)

Inland waters are amongst the most diverse and impacted ecosystems globally, and they host many endangered taxa. Cyprinodontiforms are at the forefront of endangered freshwater fishes in Europe, with more than 80% of the ...

Detection of selection signals on regulatory units across human cancers 

Rodríguez Galindo, Miguel (Date of defense: 2023-11-13)

Tumor progression is dominated by two evolutionary forces: first mutagenesis, which provides the heritable variability where, secondly, natural selection acts. The main challenge of cancer genomics is to identify the somatic ...

Techniques for efficient and secure optical networks 

Iqbal, Masab (Date of defense: 2023-03-24)

(English) Optical communication systems are widely adopted and responsible for transporting data traffic from access to metro to core networks supporting society’s information and communication functions. As the traffic ...

Molecular segregation at multiple scales in perylene-based systems for the preparation advanced materials 

Pérez Calm, Adrià (Date of defense: 2023-07-28)

[eng] This thesis addresses molecular segregation in perylene-based systems, including lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals and water-in-water emulsions. These systems offer several advantages compared to conventional ...