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Recent Submissions

L’impacte de l’aproximació dels fons de coneixement en les relacions família-escola. Un estudi qualitatiu 

Machancoses Puchades, Mireia (Date of defense: 2023-07-14)

The present doctoral thesis is part of a large number of research studies that have highlighted the benefits of good family-school relationships in the development and learning processes of children (Blasco, 2018; ...

'Flexing muscles'. L’ambigüitat de gènere en el bodybuilding, entre la pràctica esportiva i l’exploració artística 

Fontbona Mola, Isa (Date of defense: 2023-07-12)

This research studies how the body resulting from the practice of bodybuilding can become an element of transgression of traditional gender roles. To do so, we focus especially on the potential we find in the case of female ...

Conservation biology of the Spanish toothcarp (Aphanius iberus): mechanisms of coexistence with eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) 

Fernández-Vilar, Andrés Lucas (Date of defense: 2023-07-10)

Inland waters are amongst the most diverse and impacted ecosystems globally, and they host many endangered taxa. Cyprinodontiforms are at the forefront of endangered freshwater fishes in Europe, with more than 80% of the ...

Computational exploration and design of HHDH variants with novel synthetically useful functionalities 

Estévez-Gay, Miquel (Date of defense: 2023-07-07)

Enzymes are the best catalysts. They are the main catalysts in cells and have been exposed to millions of years of natural evolution by including random mutations in their sequence and posterior selection. Some enzymes ...

Combined application of experimental and predictive modelling approaches towards the microbial safety of ready-to-eat meat products 

Serra Castelló, Cristina (Date of defense: 2023-07-07)

The food safety challenges derived from the market demands towards convenient food, such as ready-to-eat meat products with extended durability, motivate food business operators to explore and adopt new intervention ...

"Mi siglo XIX": L'obra historiogràfica del canonge Gaietà Barraquer i Roviralta (1880-1918) 

Montalbán Arenas, Albert (Date of defense: 2023-09-21)

Les obres del canonge Gaietà Barraquer i Roviralta són, avui dia, una referència bibliogràfica de gran significat i valor en el camp de la història, història eclesiàstica i de l’art. Destaca el contingut informatiu i ...

Les desigualtats socials a la Catalunya preindustrial. L’estudi de cas de la Selva Interior, c.1750-1825 

Mas Ferrer, Josep (Date of defense: 2023-09-18)

This thesis explores social inequalities during the late preindustrial era, based on a case study from la Selva Interior. The work is organized into three distinct parts. In the first one, inequalities are examined through ...

La fiscalidad del teletrabajo. Análisis jurídico de las relaciones dependientes: marco internacional e interno 

Santiago Marcos, Daniel (Date of defense: 2023-07-06)

The objective of this thesis is to examine the challenges and issues arising from teleworking in the tax system. The initial focus is on the analysis of teleworking from a legal-labour perspective, in order to determine ...

Predicción del riesgo cardiovascular en población de 75 o más años del Mediterráneo 

Guzmán Heras, Lidia Elizabeth (Date of defense: 2023-07-05)

The increase of elderly population in Spain is one of the most important challenges for their caregivers, healthcare professionals, and the society in general. The elderly population has the highest incidence rate of ...

Relació de la proteïna C-reactiva, el quocient neutròfils/limfòcits i l’adiponectina d’alt pes molecular amb paràmetres d’obesitat i de risc cardiometabòlic en nens prepuberals sans. Efecte modulador dels estils de vida 

Díaz Roldán, Ferran (Date of defense: 2023-07-03)

Childhood obesity is one of the most important public health problems and is associated with cardiometabolic risk factors (CMR). Low-grade inflammation plays a prominent role in the development of cardiometabolic alterations ...

Espacios y materiales para el desarrollo de las matemáticas informales de 0 a 3 años 

Olmos Martínez, Glòria (Date of defense: 2023-03-31)

Literature on early childhood mathematics education shows the importance of favoring the development of informal mathematical knowledge from the first cycle (0-3 years) as the first intuitive and informal mathematics is ...

Posible rol de las neuregulinas en la fisiología del tejido adiposo en asociación con obesidad y diabetes mellitus tipo 2 

Martínez Merchan, Cristina (Date of defense: 2023-06-28)

Different studies link the metabolic alterations of obesity with imbalances in neuregulin 4 levels. In this study we hypothesize that signaling of neuregulin isoforms (NRG) produced through ERBB receptors in human adipose ...

Methylome profiling of B and T cells along multiple sclerosis disease progression: a pilot study 

Celarain Sanz, Naiara (Date of defense: 2023-06-26)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune and neurodegenerative disease characterized by the infiltration of autoreactive immune cells into the central nervous system that leads to axonal damage, ...

Innovación social, pobreza y vulnerabilidad social. Los pequeños municipios de la provincia de Girona y la ciudad de Olot ante el reto de la cohesión social 

Carrera, Eduard (Carrera Fossas) (Date of defense: 2023-06-26)

The bursting of the real estate bubble in 2008 triggered a widespread socio-economic crisis that particularly affected Spanish cities and towns. It was a crisis that spread to countries all over the world, but especially ...

Gestión del conocimiento en la co-creación de material educativo con y para estudiantes con altas capacidades 

Meneses Ortegón, Juan Pablo (Date of defense: 2023-06-20)

The development of any process handles data. These data are generated from information that in turn generates knowledge. The ideal is that this knowledge provides the process with added value that allows it to improve, ...

L’extracte de fulla d’olivera redueix la pressió arterial de pacients amb hipertensió arterial lleugera sense malaltia vascular subclínica 

Espín Sánchez, Rufina (Date of defense: 2023-06-16)

Introduction: Hypertension is the common cardiovascular risk factor and affects 20 to 50% of the population. Treatment, with drugs or not, involves improving lifestyle. Olive leaf extract has traditionally been taken to ...

Variability in the health status and reproductive traits of European sardine stocks in the Mediterranean. Implications for fishery management 

Caballero-Huertas, Marta (Date of defense: 2023-05-26)

Small pelagic fish play an important ecological role mainly due to their contribution in transferring energy from low to higher trophic levels. Likewise, the capture of these species is in many cases an important nutritional ...

Molecular insights into mammalian sperm physiology: a comparative study of glutathione S-transferases in male reproduction 

Llavanera Bruguera, Marc (Date of defense: 2023-05-12)

Male infertility is a global health problem affecting one in four infertile couples. This also has a negative repercussion on the animal breeding industry, where infertility has a detrimental impact on their balance sheets. ...

Anàlisi dels elements de contenció de l’endeutament a les administracions públiques locals 

València Arévalo, Ivan (Date of defense: 2023-06-16)

The work begins by carrying out an analysis of the indebtedness of the economic units, in order to assess their financial structures; the main theories developed are set out, which define the basic guidelines when referring ...

Characterization, improvement and application of plant elicitor peptides as new control tools against plant pathogens 

Foix Pericot, Laura (Date of defense: 2022-07-14)

La família de les Rosaceae comprèn espècies d’alta rellevància econòmica, com ho són les espècies de fruiters de clima temperat, ornamentals i medicinals. El seu cultiu, però, es veu limitat per la propagació de diversos ...